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Can I convert PDF to Word for free?

Yes. You can use our tool for free, but there are limits how many PDF files you can convert per day.

Is PDF to Word Conversion safe?

Yes. PDF to Word conversion is safe, but you need to know understand that PDF is presentation format, and Word is editable content format, so they may not be always compatible.


What customers are saying

Our Sales Team is incredibly excited about HelpRange. We share our initial document offers and other marketing materials with HelpRange and it provides so much value by showing in-depth insights about clients’ behaviors. It gives a lot of information how to qualify a given lead and anticipate the sales potential of a given prospect.


Marketing Manager, Boldare

I am already using it for one of my markets. We send out quotations to B2C customers. The decision making process can take a long time (2-3 months on average) so it is very important for us to know when the customer is close to making a decision. That is also why I need to know every time they open it up, and I am asking for the special set up again. Thanks again for making a great software.


Manager, Vodafone

I'm in love with this software - it's extremely high quality. Using it for a client proposal; it's great to be able to white label it w/ the iFrame.



Great tool. We love it. We'll use to share our pitch to different investors and interested people.




HelpRange is GDPR-compliant

HelpRange is GDPR-compliant, allowing users to request file retrievals, manage storage dates, request destruction, run reports, and see a full audit trail of any physical activity with their documents.


Security and Privacy as Top Priority

We take security and privacy of your data as our top priority. HelpRange server-side encryption uses one of the strongest block ciphers available, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), to encrypt your data.

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HelpRange is Next-Gen Data Room For Documents Protection & Analytics. HelpRange is a cutting-edge virtual data room platform for document access controls and in-depth analytics, ensuring superior management and usage insights for your documents.