Protect Ebooks & Digital Magazines from piracy

The inherent nature of eBooks being digital and distributed over the Internet poses the biggest challenge, as they are susceptible to piracy, unauthorized copying, and distribution. As a result, authors and publishers face significant difficulties in generating revenue in a market where their work is being distributed for free, especially with the added complexity of supporting numerous devices.

To protect ebooks and digital magazines from piracy, publishers must adopt effective digital rights management (DRM) strategies. DRM is a set of technologies and policies that aim to control access to and usage of digital content. By implementing DRM, publishers can prevent unauthorized distribution and copying of their ebooks and digital magazines.

HelpRange to the rescue

HelpRange's approach to meeting the needs of both publishers and readers is to offer flexible options for secure publishing with DRM document control. The company focuses on securing PDF documents, which provide reliable display across a wide range of devices. This eliminates the need to support multiple formats for various target environments.

An essential feature of online selling is the "try before you buy" option, which HelpRange DRM security facilitates. This allows potential customers to access a portion of the book for a limited number of times or days after initial use before the content is locked down again, similar to reading a few pages in a physical bookstore. Alternatively, publishers can offer customers a specific number of days to pay for the ebook, with access becoming restricted if payment is not received after the designated timeframe.

Disable downloading & printing

By disabling downloading and printing of PDFs, you can ensure that your documents are only viewed by authorized users, and that they cannot be copied, distributed or shared without permission. This can be especially important for businesses that deal with confidential information, such as financial reports or legal documents.

User Authentication

Additionally, you can also choose to host your PDFs on a secure server that requires user authentication. This way, users can only access the documents through a secure login, and you can easily track who has viewed or downloaded the documents.

Disable Forwarding

Disable possibility to forward sold ebooks to other people. This is very easy to do in HelpRange - just set "Disable Forwarding" for given ebook.

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